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Print Manager Plus

The Best Technology

The original Print Manager Plus® software was developed in 1998 as the first of its kind native to the Windows operating system. Still the only technology with this claim, Print Manager Plus® 9.0 helps companies to leverage print management to the benefit of business through greater transparency, control, compliance and intelligence.


Next Generation Accessibility

Print Manager Plus® 9.0 reflects years of carefully collected customer input, a deep understanding of changing business needs, and a focus on the future of technology. The software provides next-generation accessibility, mobility, and technical quality with web-based printing and cloud integration: Quite simply, it’s a modern technology for the modern worker.


Increased Cost Saving Potential

For decades, customers have been experiencing immediate ROI with the Print Manager software. Print Manager Plus® 9.0 takes cost savings to the next level by enabling companies to take control of a critical cost generator and put savings back into the IT budget.


Robust Environmental Reporting

Print Manager is—and always has been—an inherently green technology. The software immediately eliminates wasted printing materials and energy, helping companies to hit green targets and garner both the cost and reputational benefits of reducing waste. Print Manager Plus® 9.0 provides the additional benefit of easy and robust environmental reporting.



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